MXGP of Indonésia Lombok Scotty Verhaeghe

Team VHR Weekend Results 

Second weekend in Indonesia on the island of Lombok. The weekend started in the rain. Scotty set the 14th fastest time. In the qualifying heat, he got off to a good start, but couldn’t find his rhythm at the start of the race on a very slippery track. It was when he started to find his rhythm that Scotty crashed heavily in the waves. With a sore wrist and a very painfull collarbone, he was forced to retire. He subsequently underwent X-rays, which revealed no fractures. He was given the go-ahead by the doctor for the heats. The starts were complicated by Scotty’s position on the grid. He gritted his teeth in both heates and finished team. He did 15 and 16 of the heats. It was a complicated weekend following his crash in the qualifying heat. But we’re pleased with him.