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Phenomenal double victory in Germany for Fueri and Valk in the EMX125

The German track of Teutschenthal hosted the third consecutive round of the Championship and the Fantic Factory Team Maddii did not miss it. After riding on the muddy track of Erneè, this time conditions were different and the dust affected riders’ visibility since the first day of practice. Cas Valk and Alexis Fueri were the […]

One more victory for Cas Valk, who strengthened his Championship leadership. Podium for Cornelius Tondel in the EMX250

The historic track of Erneé, located in the north of France, welcomed all the three riders of the Fantic Factory Team Maddii, who starred in the EMX125, EMX250 and MXGP. Cas Valk was phenomenal on the hard pack ground of the French track, where he set the fastest time of his group, while Alexis Fueri […]