Strong performance from Camden McLellan in Grand Prix MX2 in Loket

Camden McLellan of JM Honda Racing had a strong showing at round twelve of the world championship MX2 in Loket, Czech Republic. McLellan finished sixth overall with a 6-5 in the motos.

McLellan found his rhythm immediately on the technical track of Loket. After a good start in the qualifying heat he had a hard battle during the race. Everything went really well for him and he finished the race in ninth position. Delvintor Alfarizi was struggling to find his rhythm on the track of Loket. He had another set back because in the opening lap of the qualifying heat he lost all his tear offs. He wasn’t able to ride the way he wanted to because he had poor vision. He kept pushing and finished the race in 35th position.

McLellan managed to take a good start in both motos on Sunday. In both motos he gave everything he had and finished the races in a sixth and fifth position respectively. These results gave him sixth position overall, which is his best performance in his career.

Alfarizi had a difficult Sunday. In the opening moto he collided with another rider at the start and after that he was struggling  to find the flow. In the second moto things went much better for him till he collided with another in front of the pitlane. Alfarizi had nowhere to go then to enter pitlane area. He decided to go out at the end of the pitlane but due to this he got disqualified because he had to enter the track where he went out.

With these strong results he finished in sixth position overall and has climbed up to seventeenth position in the championship standings. The team will now prepare themselves for their home Grand Prix in Lommel.


Overall Grand Prix MX2 Loket:

1 Jago Geerts 45 Pnt

2 Simon Laengenfelder 40 Pnt

3 Kay de Wolf 38 Pnt

4 Kevin Horgmo 34 Pnt

5 Andrea Adamo 33 Pnt

6 Camden McLellan 31 Pnt

33 Delvintor Alfarizi 0 Pnt