Strong performance of Bradley Mesters in ADAC Youngster Cup in Dreetz

Bradley Mesters of the De Baets MX team has ridden a strong final round of the ADAC Youngster Cup Series in Dreetz.

Bradley had immediately a good feeling on the track. In time practice he came close of posting the fastest time in his group and ended up in second position. This gave him confidence for the opening moto.

In the opening moto he had a lot of work to do. He came out of the first lap in twentieth position and had a lot of catching up to do. During the race he passed one rider after another and finally finished the race in sixth place.

In the second moto he took a much better start and this time he was in the leading group. In the beginning of the race he already worked his way up into second position and started to put the pressure on the leader. Just after the midway point he took over the lead and managed to win the race!

In the third moto he took a good start as well and took over second position in the beginning of the race. Just as in the second moto he passed the leader around the midway points and was in control. Bradley was leading the race when he went into the final lap but unfortunately he got a small mechanical problem which forced him to retire from the race. Due to this DNF he lost his chances to take the overall win.

Despite the set back Bradley has ridden a really strong race and has showed his potential going into the winter break.