Marc Schmidt World Champion! World Championship S1GP Belgium Mettet

The last seasonal event with the Supermoto World Championship took place on the historic Mettet track within the famous “Superbiker” event which has brought over 20,000 people to the stands for 35 years.

Marc Schmidt enters this race with just 3 points ahead of his direct opponent with the only objective being to win.

The timed tests saw Marc get the second overall time which gave him the chance to play everything in the super pole, among the six best riders also Elia Sammartin who set the third time. Mitja Krasniqi finishes 13th and Erik Provaznik 15th.

In the Super Pole Elia Sammartin was unable to confirm his position due to a mistake in the last stretch of the track, finishing in fourth place. Schmidt with a stratospheric time and also thanks to the crash of his direct rival won the pole position and the additional point in the standings which brings him 4 points ahead.

At the start of the first heat Schmidt is unable to have a good start and at the first corner he is in third place, however Marc is sensational in the first lap and takes the lead of the race and will not relinquish it until under the checkered flag. Elia Sammartin, after a difficult start, performed a great comeback which saw him finish in fifth place. Mitja Krasniqi finishes 12th and Erik Provaznik 13th.

The Fast Race was full of emotions, Schmidt immediately moved behind his rival after a less than perfect start and closed the first lap in fourth place also due to a slip in the off-road section, Marc, trying to recover, ran into a another small mistake which, however, did not preclude him from the possibility of finishing behind his direct rival and overtaking him a few corners from the end, winning the race and taking himself to ten more points in the standings. Sammartin was once again forced to come from behind and finished in fifth place. Good performance for Mitja Krasniqi who took home ninth place and Erik Provaznik 12th.

The super final for Marc Schmidt has only one purpose: not to make mistakes and to stay out of trouble, Marc starts very carefully and with a race with exceptional tactical intelligence also thanks to the perfect management of the passage in the joker line he takes home the third victory of the day . Amazing performance for Elia Sammartin, after a great start during the third lap he took the lead of the race and managed to hold onto it until a few corners from the end where he was overtaken and in traveling the joker line he couldn’t do better than third place the final. Another good race for Mitja Krasniqi who finishes 9th and Erik Provaznik 10th.

Marc Reiner Schmidt is world champion for the third consecutive time, entering the Olympus of multiple Supermoto champions.

Marc Schmidt also raced in the Superbiker final, taking victory, the sixth in his career and the fifth in a row, becoming the most successful rider in the history of the Mettet classic.

Ivan Lazzarini Team Manager: “Fantastic weekend full of tension, we came into this last race with a three point lead, Marc had a perfect spectacular weekend, pole position and three victories, accomplishing an incredible feat. A memorable day for our team, Elia Sammartin was very good demonstrating excellent speed in the third heat, I must congratulate all our drivers and thanks to Tm and all our sponsors.”