Jane Daniels shines at the Rallye du Maroc

Jane Daniels wasted no time: just days after winning the World Enduro Championship, she jumped from the saddle of her Fantic XEF 250 to that of the XEF 450 Rally to take part in the Morocco Rally.

From 12 to 18 October, Jane performed well, finishing 41st overall and 2nd in the Women’s class. A victory fizzled out due to an error of inexperience. Then, in the following stages, the Fantic Racing team rider raced as usual, without mistakes but unfortunately without being able to close the gap on the winner. Jane’s performance remains excellent, considering that it was her second participation in a rally raid of this duration.

Not even a fortnight ago, in Santiago do Cacem in southern Portugal, Jane took the EnduroGP World Championship in the Women’s class with a day to spare. She dominated the season, and the numbers confirm it: eight out of eight race days won, the best rider in almost half of the special tests scheduled in each grand prix, with outstanding times compared to her rivals.
A phenomenal performance allowed her to obtain her second consecutive World Champion title with Fantic with total points replicating last year’s season, the fourth in her trophy cabinet, including this year’s victory in the British Enduro Championship (BEC), obtained a few weeks before.

Jane has a great spirit of adventure, is humble, and is eager to learn and challenge herself. This year, she wanted to try navigation techniques, gaining experience by participating in April in the Abruzzo stage of the Motorally, obviously winning it. Then, at the end of the same month, she debuted in a rally raid at the Swank Rally in Tunisia, already demonstrating an excellent familiarity with instrumentation combined with her usual throttle.

Thanks to this result, Jane Daniels qualified for THE rally raid, the Dakar. From 5 to 19 January 2024, Jane and the Fantic XEF 450 Rally will be at the start of the fifth edition of the rally in Saudi Arabia, starting from the millenary city of Al-‘Ula.
For Fantic, this will be the third consecutive participation in the world’s most fascinating and famous rally raid.

Jane Daniels: “I am very happy and satisfied with this experience. I overcame the initial difficulties. Then, I found my rhythm and felt comfortable on the XEF 450 Rally. The important thing was to qualify for the Dakar, and we did!”​​