KMP-Honda sets course for 2024

KMP Honda Racing powered by Krettek was able to complete this year’s season at the ADAC MX Masters with maximum success.

Among other things, the drivers’ title and the team classification were won. Such a success can also be celebrated, with an entertaining evening for the whole team with drivers, mechanics, helpers and of course sponsors. Team boss Alexander Karg took this opportunity to sign this year’s two draft horses Max Nagl and Jordi Tixier for another year.

The team boss commented: “After this season, of course, expectations for next year are high. That’s why I’m happy to keep a constant quality in the team, apart from Max and Jordi, even more riders will stay in the team. In addition, there could be one or two surprises in the short term.

I am particularly pleased that one of the reasons for the contract extension is the great cooperation and a good atmosphere in the team. I am also pleased that many long-standing sponsors remain loyal to us.

The team will compete in the Supercross events in Stuttgart and Dortmund. After the usual international season preparations, the new season at the ADAC MX Masters will be back with full energy.