Firepower Froth Honda Triumphs in World Supercross Round 2!

The World Supercross Championship’s second round unfolded in Abu Dhabi this weekend. This weekend’s event represented the debut Supercross competition held at the iconic Etihad Stadium.

Max Anstie’s triumph in the 250 class has positioned him with a strong points advantage as he approaches the decisive final round.

“We followed the plan and executed effectively, we have a strong team and the bike is working well”- said Anstie.

The team’s second 250 rider, Wilson Todd, finished 8th following the three race finals format. His overall result didn’t do justice to his impressive performance on the track. Wilson showcased his skills by winning his heat race, beating his teammate Anstie in the process.

“It was an ok night, the win in the heat race was the highlight, followed by a 4th in the last of the three finals.  I made too many mistakes in the other two finals which hurt my overall, but there are a lot of positives to take from the weekend” – said Todd
The team’s 450 riders, Dean Wilson and Justin Brayton, kicked off the day on a positive note. Dean secured the top qualifying spot, while Brayton took the 4th spot. Both riders advanced to the finals by performing well in their respective heat races, setting the stage for a promising evening.

However, in the first of the three final races, Brayton got entangled with a fallen rider, forcing him to exit the evening’s competition prematurely. Unfortunately, he sustained injuries in the process, leaving him battered and bruised.

“I am disappointed for everyone involved, the bike felt great and I was feeling good.  It was a racing incident but none the less it was disappointing” – said Brayton.

Dean’s second-place finish for the night was clouded by controversy as another rider’s unsportsmanlike conduct caused Dean to crash while leading in the first race. Dean showed remarkable resilience, bouncing back to win the second race. His third-place finish in the third race secured him second place overall for the evening and propelled him to the third position in the championship standings.

“I’m really happy with my riding and the bike. Everything is running smooth. It was frustrating to be taken out in race one because trust should be a given on the track between riders. However, we can’t dwell on that; it’s behind us now. My primary focus is on the upcoming final round. I am also pumped for my team as we lead the team’s championship” – said Wilson.

Yarrive Konsky, the team’s director, voiced his disappointment regarding another rider’s deliberate and intentional efforts to hinder fellow competitors.

“Engaging in riding with the intention of causing harm to another rider, with a blatant disregard for the potential consequences, is unacceptable. The persistent pattern of such behavior exhibited by this specific rider must be addressed before they engage in actions that cannot be rectified by a mere penalty”

The final round of the World Supercross Championship will take place in Melbourne, Australia on November 25.