French Supercross Championship Anthony Bourdon SX1 Vice French champion

Back from the World Championship final in Australia, Anthony Bourdon and the Bud Racing Kawasaki team headed for Lyon for the SX Tour final. The final saw Anthony climb the podium twice, to claim the runner-up spot in the SX1 class.

Back on his 450 Kawasaki after racing in Paris and Melbourne in the 250 class, Anthony quickly found his feet in the cauldron that is Lyon’s Palais des Sports. In contention for the final championship podium prior to this final, Anthony scored precious points on Friday evening when he climbed onto the second step of the podium after a fierce wheel-to-wheel battle with the new French champion. All the signs were green, until a collision at the start of Saturday’s final sent Anthony crashing to the ground! After starting last with Greg Aranda, the two crashed again in their comeback and set the stadium crazy with a superb comeback to the front, with Anthony taking third place in the final corner just 5 seconds from victory.

With 7 podium finishes in the 8 races contested in the premier class of the French supercross championship, Anthony has put in a very fine season to place his Kawasaki and all the sponsors he represents on the championship’s second final step.

Anthony: “It’s been a great year for me, because apart from one event, I’ve been on every podium. I think I’ve reached a new level this year, and I’m proud to be able to say that I’m now one of the top SX1 riders. We ended the season with a good final in Lyon, but on Saturday Greg crashed at the start and there was a tangle, so I went a long way back and then fell again during my comeback. Nevertheless, Greg and I managed to finish on the podium, in a crazy atmosphere! I finished the season on a high note, and now I’m heading more towards supercross, while juggling between the 250 and the 450. Riding in the 250 allows me to be a little more aggressive, which is what I was lacking a little, and it’s enabled me to have a great season with the Bud team, in which I feel good. When the head goes the rest follows, thanks to all my partners!”