Dean Wilson embarks on his fourteenth pro season with genuine enthusiasm and gratitude, keeping his expectations straightforward.

“I’m putting in the work from Monday to Sunday, both on and off the bike, to be the best rider I can be. I don’t know where I’ll finish; the depth in the 450 field is massive. Still, I’ll give my best every time I race, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities Firepower Honda is providing me. I love racing and riding, and at 32 years old, I’m still passionate about it,” expressed Wilson.

Dean’s commendable 2023 season saw him achieve a high of 5th place in an AMA Supercross round and secure a 10th overall position in the AMA Supercross Championship. Additionally, he clinched 3rd place in the World Supercross Championship and took the top spot in the Australian Supercross Championship. Reflecting on the past year, he believes that maximizing his time on the bike in the second half of the season has better prepared him for the upcoming one.

“I raced extensively outside of America last season, and I feel it’s definitely beneficial. I got comfortable racing up front, improved my starts, and bonded well with my team, which is equally important. Meeting new people was awesome, and I’m excited to see the fans tomorrow and get back to racing,” shared Wilson.

Dean’s American program for 2024 includes the AMA Supercross and SMX events. With a commitment to a minimum of 20 races already in America, Dean faces a busy schedule.

“While I’d like to race outside of America again, my primary focus right now is on the AMA Supercross Championship. Let’s see how that goes first,” said Wilson.

Dean’s teammate, Max Anstie, will compete in the East Coast Supercross Championship.