Firepower Honda stands in solidarity with the military during the upcoming Military Appreciation Round.

With over 15 million individuals available for military service, including over 1 million active members across six branches—the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard—the armed services play a crucial role in safeguarding the freedoms we cherish. This weekend, Firepower Honda pays homage to both past and present military personnel, particularly honoring the Army and Navy members who dedicate themselves to protecting and upholding our liberties. They will do so proudly with custom graphics aboard Honda’s race-winning CRF250R and CRF450R.

Max Anstie expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to race in America, a country he proudly calls home where he raises his son, Finn. He acknowledges the invaluable freedoms and opportunities afforded to him, thanks to the care and protection provided by the military services. “I know we are protected, and I am thankful for their efforts in preserving the freedoms we enjoy,” said Anstie. “To race my dirt bike in America is still a dream I never imagined would happen, especially at this level. I am raising my family here now, and I am grateful for every opportunity I have.”

Dean Wilson shares similar sentiments, emphasizing his deep-rooted connection to America. “I have lived here through my teens and adult years; I married an American, and America is home for me, my parents, and my son, Ewan”, said Wilson. “I am grateful to call this place home, for the opportunities I have had, and the friends I have made. I appreciate the sacrifices each and every service man and woman makes.”

The Firepower Honda team has dedicated tireless efforts during the break to better prepare for the upcoming weekend. Team Principal Martin Davalos eagerly anticipates tomorrow night’s race and extends his gratitude to the military for their sacrifices. “Firstly, I also came from overseas to chase a dream here, and I am very appreciative of the Military and the sacrifices they make,” said Davalos. “I also need to thank our team, who work like a small army to take on the factory teams. We are very committed, and we have been working hard on making things better. We are looking forward to tomorrow night.”