Success and setbacks for the de Baets MX team in Lierop

The De Baets MX team has known success and setbacks during the Dutch MX Season Opener in Lierop. Lotte van Drunen managed to win the first moto of the ladies but crashed twice in the second moto and eventually had to leave the race with a small mechanical problem. Dex Kooiker made good progress during the day, which was rewarded with an eleventh place in the second moto. Tyla van de Poel rode a good catch-up race in both motos and finished twelfth. In the second moto he looked like he was going to finish even higher, but unfortunately he had to deal with a flat tire and had to retire from the race.

In time practice, Lotte was riding well and she managed to set a very sharp time and ended the session in third. This made her the fastest lady on the track, which gave her confidence for the motos.

At the start of the first moto she got away very well at the start and went into the first corner as the leader. However, due to a mistake of herself, the first corner did not go well and she lost a number of places. Despite a crash, she came back strong and crossed the finish line in tenth place, making her the best placed lady. In the second moto she took another very good start and this time she took the holeshot. Unfortunately, she soon suffered a setback in the moto because in the second lap she collided with another rider and crashed. Because of the other rider, she couldn’t get back on her bike quickly and to make matters worse, she crashed again shortly after. Lotte continued her way and started a catch-up race but unfortunately it came to an end when she had to leave the race due to a small mechanical problem. Despite this setback, Lotte is very happy to see her progress.

Dex Kooiker and Tyla van de Poel competed in the 125 class. For Dex, it was his first racee after his shoulder surgery. For him, it took some time getting used to riding a race again. Dex managed to get good starts in both motos and the riding went pretty well as well. After a nineteenth place in the first moto, he was crossed the finish line  in a good eleventh place in the second moto.

Tyla didn’t had a great feeling on the bike in the first moto but still managed to get a fourteenth place out of it, making him the twelfth 125 rider. Also in the second moto he had to get back to the front from the midfield. This time his riding went better and he managed to come all the way back to eleventh place. Unfortunately, with three laps to go, he had to deal with a flat rear tire and had to abandon the race.

This Sunday, Dex Kooiker and Tyla van de Poel will start in the Dutch MX Nationals in Oss and Lotte van Drunen will go out in the first round of the Italian Women’s Championship.