Van de Poel and Kooiker close to the top ten in Oldebroek

Tyla van de Poel and Dex Kooiker of the De Baets MX team came close to the top ten during the second round of the Dutch Masters of Motocross in Oldebroek. Both finished eleventh in a moto and finished just outside the top ten.

The day started with mixed results for both riders. Tyla felt at home on the track and managed to set a twelfth time on the clock. Dex, on the other hand, couldn’t get into his rhythm and ended up in seventeenth place.

At the start of the first moto it was Dex who managed to take the lead. However, due to a crash, his gear lever became bent, so he could no longer shift gears and he was forced to leave the race. Tyla came back from around fifteenth place to ninth position, but due to a problem with his goggles he had to take it off and dropped back to eleventh place.

In the second moto it was again Dex who managed to take the lead. During the race he had to give up a few places and finished eleventh. Tyla again got a pretty good start and rode in twelfth place for a long time. Then he crashed hard and crossed the finish line disappointed in 23rd place.

In the day’s classification, Tyla finished in eighteenth place, just one position ahead of Dex who finished nineteenth. This weekend, both riders will start in the first race of the EMX125 Championship in Sardinia.



Overall Dutch Masters of Motocross 125 Oldebroek:

1 Gyan Doensen 50 Pnt

2 Markuss Ozolins 42 Pnt

3 Cole McCullough 42 Pnt

4 Dani Heitink 31 Pnt

5 Jarne Bervoets 27 Pnt

18 Tyla van de Poel 11 Pnt

19 Dex Kooiker 10 Pnt