Courtney Duncan consistent in Sardinian Grand Prix

F&H Racing’s Courtney Duncan has set a consistent result during the second round of the Women’s World Championship in Riola Sardo, Sardinia.

Duncan, who is coming back from a serious knee injury, managed to finish fifth twice in the hot and human conditions in Sardinia and climbs to seventh place in the standings. In the coming weeks, the reigning world champion will continue to train hard so that she can battle for the podium places again at the next race. In the weekend of May 11 and 12, her next race is scheduled in Lugo, Spain.

Quentin Prugnieres managed to take nine World Championship points in the deep sand of Riola Sardo. Prugnieres qualified fourteenth for the race on Saturday but came back strongly in the first moto on Sunday by finishing twelfth. He started promoting in the second moto but unfortunately Prugnieres didn’t make it to the finish so he didn’t score.

Quentin Prugnieres managed to win nine World Cup in the deep sand of Riola Sardo

Overall WMX Sardinia:

1 Lotte van Drunen 50 Pnt

2 Daniela Guillen 44 Pnt

3 Lynn Valk 40 Pnt

4 Kiara Fontanesi 36 Pnt

5 Courtney Duncan 32 Pnt


Overall Grand Prix MX2 Sardinia:

1 Kay de Wolf 47 Pnt

2 Lucas Coenen 47 Pnt

3 Camden Mclellan 36 Pnt

4 Simon Laengenfelder 34 Pnt

5 Liam Everts 31 Pnt

17 Quentin Prugnieres 9 Pnt