Round 2 – PRO MX – Wins and losses!

Mixed results for Factory Honda at round 2 of the Pro Motocross Championship, but team director Yarrive Konsky remains focused on the positives.

“In spite of the mixed bag of results, we’ve shown that we have the speed to win across all classes. Some of our riders need to execute better and minimize their mistakes, but the speed is there, and the bikes are performing well,” remarked Konsky.

In the MX1 – 450 class, Boost Mobile Honda rider Kyle Webster encountered challenges, securing a third-place finish in moto 1 after a frustrating crash. Despite several mistakes in moto 2, he managed to salvage a fifth-place finish. Webster, currently sitting second in the championship, is determined to regain the points lead.

“I made mistakes, plain and simple. In this field, errors are hard to recover from. The positives are that we know we’re competitive and capable of winning; I just need to minimize my mistakes,” admitted Webster.

Terrafirma Honda rider Wilson Todd had a difficult day, struggling with continuous mistakes that hindered his ability to race at the front. However, the team and Todd are focused on improving his results in the upcoming round.

“It’s on me; I made mistake after mistake, forcing me to back off. This isn’t where I should be, but we have a plan, and I’m not hitting the panic button. We’ll bounce back,” affirmed Todd.

In the MX2 – 250 class, Honda showcased dominance once again. Boost Mobile Honda rider Noah Ferguson secured a second-place finish after an impressive surge forward in moto 2, while Polyflor Honda rider Brodie Connolly clinched victory in both motos.

Connolly’s outstanding results underscored his dominance on the field. Despite his commanding lead after two rounds, he remains focused on the challenges ahead.

“Not getting ahead of myself; my teammate is very fast, as are other riders in our class. It’s been a great start, but there are still plenty of races remaining,” cautioned Connolly.

Ferguson, holding second in the championship, reflected on his learnings from the day, acknowledging his mistakes in the first race and the calculated passes he made in the second race to secure second place.

“It was a learning experience. I made mistakes in the first race but managed to learn from them. There are still plenty of races ahead, and we have the pace,” said Ferguson.

SCT Logistics Honda rider Charli Cannon competed against the men in round 2, achieving consistent results. Despite her disappointment, the team remains optimistic and is committed to helping her improve.

In the MX3 class, Boost Mobile Honda Rider Jake Cannon displayed remarkable performance in his second race in over six months. Despite settling for third place in the first moto due to a lack of race fitness, he showcased tenacity and dedication throughout both races.

The team is proud of his efforts and remains confident that with time, he will contend for race and round wins.