Firepower Honda’s resilience shines through as they persistently strive to compete on par with the Factory Teams

Firepower Honda, led by Anstie, continues to demonstrate that privateer teams can be formidable contenders in the racing arena. With an impressive track record of qualifying first in half of the rounds, securing their second heat race victory over the weekend, and achieving top 5 overall finishes, the team is making its mark on the circuit.

Martin Davalos, the team principal, is confident in the capabilities of the bike, team, and rider to clinch victories. Despite facing challenges in converting strong qualifying performances into round wins, Davalos remains optimistic about the team’s competitive edge and their potential to secure a win before the season concludes.

“It’s a challenge for all of us. The bike, the team, and the rider have demonstrated their winning potential, but we’re facing hurdles in converting our qualifying performances into round victories. It’s a mix of factors that have held us back, but I’m confident in our competitiveness, and we’re hopeful to secure a win before the season concludes. Everyone, including Max, is putting in their utmost effort,” remarked Davalos.

Anstie’s recent string of first-place qualifications and heat race victories reflects his prowess on the track. However, he acknowledges areas for improvement, particularly in executing better during the finals. Despite setbacks, Anstie emphasizes the team’s speed, competitiveness of the bike, and the upcoming opportunities to showcase their potential, including the chance to compete against top riders from both coasts.

“The opening laps this weekend was costly for me. I got caught up with Brown and made a few errors. Initially, I thought he had bike trouble, but it seemed to fix itself. Moving forward, I need to improve my execution in the finals in the opening laps. I’ve missed out on some fantastic results, but the positives are evident: we have the speed, the bike is competitive, and we still have several rounds ahead to show our capabilities. Nothing would be sweeter than standing on the podium or, even better, winning an East vs. West round,” expressed Anstie

Davalos emphasizes the critical importance of a strong start in the finals, especially in a highly competitive field featuring elite riders from both coasts. As the team gears up for the upcoming race in Nashville, Davalos remains hopeful that executing a strong start will pave the way for success.

“Given the caliber of riders from both coasts, nailing the start will be crucial,” Davalos concluded.

The return of Dean Wilson adds further anticipation to the event. Wilson expresses his eagerness to be back on the track, highlighting his efforts to regain speed, fitness, and strength. He looks forward to reconnecting with fans and embracing the racing atmosphere.

Yarrive’s father passed away last week and the team sent him a message, letting him know they were thinking of him and his family.