Osterhagen and Werner close Dutch Masters of Motocross on a positive note

Hakon Osterhagen and Max Werner of the JM Racing Honda team managed to close the Dutch Masters of Motocross Championship on a positive note.

During practice the circuit was still wet and muddy due to the rain. Both riders remained positive and were doing several attempts to put a fast lap on the clock. This went well as Werner finished the session in seventh and Osterhagen was just behind him with an eighth fastest time.

At the start of the first heat, Werner was in a very good position and was able to start the race in third place. During the race he lost two positions but managed to hold his position in fifth place for the rest of the race. For Werner this was his best result in a Dutch Masters round this year. Osterhagen crashed in the early stages of the first moto but then came back strong. By continuing to fight until the checkered flag, he managed to finish seventh.

In the second moto, Osterhagen took the holeshot and led the field in the first few laps. Then he was passed by Thibault Benistant and Rick Elzinga and fell to third place. Later in the heat, Cas Valk also passed by, meaning Osterhagen crossed the finish line in a good fourth place. Werner didn’t get off to a good start in this moto, but managed to gain several places in the first few laps. He then was riding in eighth place for the rest of the moto and this was also the position in which he finished.

In the overall standings, Osterhagen finished in fifth place and Werner beame seventh. In the final standings of the Dutch Masters of Motocross, Werner finished fifth and Osterhagen took tenth place. Both riders will now prepare themselves for the next Grand Prix of the season, which will be held in Portugal on the weekend of May 4 and 5.

Brent van Doninck’s recovery is going well. Van Doninck must return to the hospital next week for a check-up of his foot. His upper leg is improving and he can bear more and more weight. Van Doninck is under good control and is working hard to return as fit as possible.

Overall Dutch Masters 250 Markelo:

1 Rick Elzinga 47 Pnt

2 Thibault Benistant 45 Pnt

3 Cas Valk 42 Pnt

4 Sander Agard Michelsen 33 Pnt

5 Hakon Osterhagen 32 Pnt

7 Max Werner 29 Pnt


Final Standings Dutch Masters of Motocross 250:

1 Rick Elzinga 129 Pnt

2 Cas Valk 128 Pnt

3 Thibault Benistant 95 Pnt

4 Sander Agard Michelsen 81 Pnt

5 Max Werner 76 Pnt

10 Hakon Osterhagen 40 Pnt