Consistency Matters – Factory Honda Focuses on Consistency!

The Factory Honda Team heads into Round 4 with consistency as their main objective. Team Manager Mark Sladek emphasises the importance of delivering consistent results, especially with three point-scoring races this weekend in Maitland, NSW.

“With 75 points up for grabs in each class, we need high-scoring results in every race from each of our riders. There’s a lot on the line this weekend, and we need to be strong in each race,” said Sladek.

Following the last round in Gilman, where Boost Honda rider Kyle Webster reclaimed the points lead by winning both races, making it four wins from six starts, Webster aims for three top point-scoring results, recognising the significance of this weekend.

“Three point-scoring races add extra pressure to this round. I need to get three great starts and sprint for as long as I can. This weekend is pivotal to the overall championship,” said Webster.

In the MX2 class, Brodie Connolly leads and is determined to dominate this weekend without taking unnecessary risks.

“Everything is working well. I need to execute my starts and maximise the points available. There’s no backing off, but I want to avoid unnecessary moves that could result is poor finishes,” said Connolly.

Noah Ferguson, currently in second place, is set to go all out to make up for lost points from the first three rounds.

“I have nothing to lose. I need to make up a lot of points, and this is where I can do it,” said Ferguson.

Alex Larwood and Charli Cannon also aim to make the most of this weekend in Maitland. Larwood, after a challenging season, is focused on getting on the podium and understands the importance of consistent results in all three motos. Meanwhile, Charli continues to use these races to better prepare for the Women’s Championship and upcoming international events.

MX3 rider Jake Cannon who won the last round in South Australia, is focused solely on winning. He aims to close the gap between himself and the leaders. This weekend, Jake Cannon will be representing Mongrel Boots.
Australian-made and owned boot manufacturer, Mongrel Boots, has partnered with Honda since 2017. Team Director Yarrive Konsky is particularly proud of this relationship and appreciates the support provided by Australia’s leading boot manufacturer.

“I believe Mongrel Boots is one of Australia’s leading boot manufacturers, and their support is something I am particularly proud of. They support several motorsport teams and sports in Australia, and we proudly wear their boots and endorse their brand,” said Konsky.