Sidecarteam Bax wins third consecutive Dutch Sidecar Masters round at Varsseveld

Sidecarteam Bax has won the sixth round of the Dutch Sidecar Masters at Varsseveld. With this win they are still leading the championship with an advantage of 13 points.

The opening moto started with a setback for team Bax because in the second corner they stalled the sidecar. They had to come back from the back of the field and finally finished the race in second position.
In the second moto he had a great battle with Veldman/Janssens. In the closing stages of the race Bax he was able to make the difference and managed to win the race.
With a 2-1 in the motos he took the overall win in Varsseveld and is leading the championship with an advantage of 13 points over Veldman.

Etienne Bax: ‘’I’m happy over my riding and in the coming weeks we will prepare ourselves for the Grand Prix in Lommel. We will do a lot of testing to be prepared when we arrive there to race.’’

The next race for Sidecarteam Bax is the Grand Prix of Lommel in the weekend of 25 and 26 June.

Overall Dutch Sidecar Masters Varsseveld:

1 Bax/Cermak 47 Pnt

2 Veldman/Janssens 47 Pnt

3 Van Werven/van den Bogaert 38 Pnt

4 Wilkinson/Millard 31 Pnt

5 Leferink/Beleckas 30 Pnt


Dutch Sidecar Masters Championship Standings:

1 Bax/Cermak 258 Pnt

2 Veldman/Janssens 245 Pnt

3 van Werven/van den Bogaert 223 Pnt

4 Wijers/Debruyne 167 Pnt

5 van de Lagemaat/Deveene 143 Pnt


Photocredits – WSC
Author – Arno van den Brink | Motocrossplanet