Camden McLellan fights for what he’s worth in MX of Nations

JM Honda Racing’s Camden McLellan fought for what he was worth at the MX of Nations. McLellan was part of team South Africa and finished thirteenth in the country classification.

On Saturday, McLellan immediately had a good rhythm on the track but struggled with arm pump in free practice. For the qualifying heat, the suspension was slightly adjusted. Despite the suspension being better, McLellan again had to deal with arm pump. However, he managed to get a good sixth place, which was positive for Team South Africa’s chances of qualifying for the A final.

In the first moto, McLellan did not get off to a good start. During the race he came back to the front through the field and arrived in seventeenth place. He had a nice duel with Andrea Adamo but hit his rear wheel and crashed. This cost McLellan a number of places, forcing him to settle for 22nd place.

In his second moto, McLellan didn’t get off to a good start either, but made up for a lot in the first corner because he was able to avoid the crashes. He quickly entered the top fifteen and managed to cross the finish line in thirteenth place after two nice overtaking manoeuvres.

In the final classification of the MX2 class, McLellan finished in seventh place and in the country classification he finished in thirteenth place with Team South Africa.

Overall MX2 MX of Nations:

1 Tom Vialle 10 Pnt

2 Hunter Lawrence 15 Pnt

3 Kay de Wolf 20 Pnt

4 Andrea Adamo 22 Pnt

5 Simon Laengenfelder 25 Pnt

7 Camden McLellan 35 Pnt