After Magescq double podium, the Honda Motoblouz SR team did even better in Loon by monopolizing the podium with its three riders on the box at the third round of the French Beach Championship. Winner of his second race in a row, Cyril Genot retains the lead of the championship!

Training camp for many riders involved in sand racing, Loon hosted the third event of the championship this weekend. Winner of the Loon Beach Race a few weeks earlier, Cyril Genot was again the fastest guy on track, taking the lead of the race early to build up a significant lead as at the end of the two and a half hours of racing he cross the finish line more than eight minutes ahead of his runner-up who is none other than Lars Van Berkel.

As usual Lars did a solid race, taking the second place halfway through the race to be the single rider to finish the race in the same lap as the winner. In third position Jeremy Hauquier offers a great hat trick to the team despite a problem with his goggles in the first part of the race, and enjoyed his first podium of the season! For the first time in its history, the team got a hat-trick, and put its three riders in the first three places of the championship!

Next round on December 3rd at Hossegor, for the fourth round of the championship.

Josse Sallefranque:Of course very happy, never in our history we signed a hat-trick which rewards us for the work done. The bikes are reliable and competitive, the riders are efficient, the job is done even if a few opponents are missing but in terms of speed or endurance Cyril is there. Lars is strong as always, Jeremy improves his results at each race, now we have to stay focused to continue to put our bikes in front and reward our partners without whom nothing would be possible.”

Cyril Genot: 1st at Loon, 1ts in the championship

Lars Van Berkel: 2nd at Loon, 2nd in the championship

Jeremy Hauquier: 3rd at Loon, 3rd in the championship