Firepower Honda embodies an era when Honda reigned supreme in Moto GP

In 1985, it was America’s Freddie Spencer clinching the 500cc championship, followed by Australia’s Wayne Gardner in 1987 and America’s Eddie Lawson in 1989. This marked the true initiation of Honda’s dominance in what is now recognized as Moto GP. All three riders adorned the iconic white, blue, and gold colors, riding the formidable NSR 500 that asserted its dominance in the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s, securing a total of 10 world championships.

In the same era, Honda also secured victory in the Dakar Rally with the renowned white, blue, and gold colors, piloted by Cyril Neveu.

Dean Wilson, aboard the Firepower Honda, will pay homage to the legendary white, blue, and gold colors worn by Honda’s iconic riders this weekend in San Diego. Reflecting on the design, Wilson expressed his excitement, acknowledging the inspiration drawn from Yarrive, who shared stories of watching the 500cc with Yarrive’s father.

“Sam from SKDA and Yarrive have done a great job with the bike, it looks amazing, I am pumped with how it turned out” said Wilson.

Despite challenging opening rounds in the AMA Supercross Championship, Wilson has displayed remarkable speed and resilience, particularly in the muddy conditions of the last weekend.

“Last week was as tough as it’s ever been in a supercross race, I was just trying to survive” continued Wilson.

Dean maintains his unwavering commitment to racing among the factory riders, consistently working hard to earn points each weekend. Acknowledging room for improvement in his starts, Wilson is diligently working on refining this aspect of his performance.

“Marty and the team have been great with the bike, and Marty’s experience is something I lean on. We need to get better starts if we are going to race further up the field and we have been working on that” concluded Wilson.

Following the challenging mud race last weekend, the team has tirelessly prepared for the upcoming round in San Diego. Round three of the AMA Supercross Championship is the “retro” round, where teams and riders pay tribute to the ’70s and ’80s, with Wilson proudly showcasing the iconic Honda colors that represent a historic era in the sport.