Firepower Honda’s Anstie and Wilson are all set for Detroit – AMA Supercross!

Dean Wilson is excited for the weekend, following a week of testing.  The champion rider feels more comfortable as he lines up for round 5 of the AMA Supercross Championship.

“I feel like I am riding better, faster than I have been in awhile but we hadn’t made any changes to the bike so I haven’t felt as comfortable as I would like.  We tested this week and I feel we have found a really good place with the bike,” said Wilson.

Last years second runner up Max Anstie is set to race the first round of the East Coast 250 Championship. The 2023 season was full of great achievements that were a first for Max. He won the World Supercross 250 Championship, he wrapped back-to-back championships in Australia, won his first AMA Supercross and finished 3rd overall.

The team and Max worked tiresomely upon return from Australia and feel more prepared than before.  Team Principle Martin Davalos is pleased with where the team is at coming into this weekend.

“We haven’t stopped since returning from Australia. Max is riding well and we have improved the bike from last year and this past week we have tested with Dean and he looks a lot more comfortable. I don’t know where our competition is at but I am confident we haven’t stopped preparing for this weekend and we will be competitive” said Davalos.

Max also feels comfortable and confident going into the first round of the East Coast Championship.

“The whole team hasn’t stopped and everyone of them are working hard in their areas. I don’t know where everyone else is at but I feel better prepared than last year and I know we have advanced the bike from where we were last year” said Anstie.