Behind the Mud is a new point of view on the world of Enduro.
In fact, “we” enthusiasts have always desperately searched for news and behind the scenes information on this world, on our world, but it is difficult if not impossible to find something capable of satisfying our immense curiosity.
Behind the Mud was born precisely for this reason.

Bringing fans into the EnduroGP, not only in the Special Tests, but above all behind the scenes of the Team, the mechanics, the shadow men who work tirelessly to assist the Riders in and out of the race.
Behind the Mud aims to be the cure for the curiosity of the passion for the cleat, it is a new and unexpected look at training, on technical solutions, on the little tricks and precautions that only an Official Team can know and adopt.

Behind the Mud are the new eyes to see through the mud and sweat of Enduro.
The ZERO episode with the presentation of the Team was broadcast on Easter evening at 7.30 pm and in one day it has already reached almost 6000 views.
Here you can find the link to watch – Behind the Mud – P.0

The series will continue throughout the EnduroGP Championship, with 90-second publications during the race days and full videos in the following week. Within each episode there may be insights with focuses dedicated to partners and companies in the sector.
Anyone interested in joining us in this new project can contact us directly at or

Jarno Boano: “A new challenge born from the great passion that binds Tiziano and Me to this sport. A desire to bring to life the good and the “bad” that a Team experiences during the season. Being able to bring to life the emotions that we experience at every race and not only show the actions of the drivers. Their actions are those that may or may not put the icing on the cake, but which does not necessarily have to be a victory, but sometimes simply a pre-established objective, which however to the eye for the enthusiast it can instead result in a defeat.