Dreams Come True: Enduro World Champion, Jane Daniels, Announces Pregnancy

Following her remarkable achievements at Dakar as the top British rider, receiver of the “spirit of Dakar” award and winner of the women’s category, Fantic Factory Racing Rider Jane Daniels has another piece of exciting news to share with the world!

In a heartfelt statement, Jane Daniels expressed her joy, stating, “I have some exciting news for you all, I’m pregnant! While it’s still early days, I believe I should be open and honest about my situation as you won’t see me lining up this weekend to chase my 5th World Enduro title at the EnduroGP in Portugal. The support from my team and sponsors has been fantastic. I am overwhelmed with their positivity and this is enabling me to still be very active within the industry, fulfilling my PR and Brand Ambassador roles. I will still be attending British enduro events throughout the year and the Enduro GP in Wales, but for this year, as a spectator on the opposite side of the tapes. To finish 2023 as British Champion, World Champion and the success we had in Dakar 2024, to then follow it with this amazing news, my partner, Albert, my family, and I, could not be more happy!”

Jane’s outstanding accomplishments in the world of motorsport must be a source of inspiration and pride for her fans worldwide. The Fantic Factory Racing Rider’s dedication, perseverance, and remarkable achievements have solidified her status as a role model in the industry.

Despite the exciting news of her pregnancy, Jane Daniels continues to be closely linked to Fantic and remains committed to her responsibilities as a professional athlete and brand ambassador. She will continue to actively engage with her team, sponsors, and fans, fulfilling her PR duties and representing her sponsors with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication.

Fantic fully supports Jane in this new stage of life, as pointed out by Mariano Roman, Fantic Motor CEO, “Life, as well as racing, is all about adventures – and to start a family is one of the most exciting adventures of them all. We have enjoyed some incredibly successful and special racing moments with Jane recently, with her outstanding performance at Dakar as well as her World Enduro titles. As she shares the wonderful news of her pregnancy with the world, she will inspire even more girls and women out there, encouraging them to follow their dreams on and off track. As a company, or I would rather say family, we are 100 percent behind Jane, as she will continue to be a valuable asset to our Fantic Factory Racing Department, transitioning into an ambassador role during her time off the bike. We wish Jane all the best for the exciting months lying ahead!”

Jane Daniels’ journey is a testament to the resilience and determination of female athletes, and her announcement marks another milestone in her remarkable career. Fantic is proud to be by her side.