Quentin Prugnieres scores sixth place in German Grand Prix

Quentin Prugnieres of F&H Racing rode a strong German Grand Prix in Teutschenthal. Prugnieres managed to finish in a good sixth place in the first moto and came back to thirteenth place after a crash in the second moto.

A challenging weekend awaited the riders. Many rain showers made the circuit treacherous with hard ruts. Despite this, Prugnieres went for it and completed a positive Saturday. In the qualifying heat he got a good start and was around sixth place for the entire heat. Prugnieres finished in sixth place and secured a good starting position for the heats on Sunday.

Prugnieres also performed strongly in the first heat. After a good start he came out of the first lap in seventh place. He quickly moved up to sixth place and continued to set a high pace. This ensured that he managed to hold sixth place until the finish.

In the second heat, Prugnieres had to catch up after a crash on the first lap. From 23rd place he came back to the front and managed to achieve a thirteenth place.

With a 6-13 in the heats, Prugnieres finished in tenth place in the daily rankings and is now also tenth in the world championship standings. The championship will continue next weekend in Kegums, Latvia.


Overall MX2 Germany:

1 Lucas Coenen 50 Pnt

2 Kay de Wolf 44 Pnt

3 Simon Laengenfelder 40 Pnt

4 Andrea Adamo 33 Pnt

5 Rick Elzinga 32 Pnt

10 Quentin Prugnieres 23 Pnt


World Championship Standings MX2:

1 Kay de Wolf 396 Pnt

2 Lucas Coenen 337 Pnt

3 Simon Laengenfelder 333 Pnt

4 Liam Everts 304 Pnt

5 Andrea Adamo 299 Pnt

10 Quentin Prugnieres 152 Pnt