Internationals of Italy Supermoto Busca

We have reached the halfway point of the Italian Supermoto Internationals which were held in Busca, a prelude to the World Championship which will be held at the end of June, a weekend of ups and downs for the L30 Racing Tm Moto team which dominated with Matteo Andreotti in SM3, Marc Schmidt unlucky in the second heat.


Marc Schmidt started his race in Busca in a great way by scoring a great pole position, 2 laps were enough for the German to find the perfect time also to preserve the tires for the two races. Mitja Krasniqi finishes in 12th place.

At the start of the first heat Schmidt is unable to take advantage of his pole position and at the second corner, in order not to lose ground, he makes a huge overtaking on the outside, Marc takes command of the operations on the third lap and manages to win easily. Mitja Krasniqi eighth at the finish line.

In race 2 the German driver was unable to get a perfect start and had to finish in second place. During the first lap, while trying to attack to take the lead, Marc was the victim of a fall in which his throttle lever bent. gearbox and had to stop in the pit lane to fix the damage, Schmidt who returned very late could not do better than 17th position, Mitja Krasniqi with an excellent race and a growing result finished in fifth place.



Matteo Andreotti is proving to be a talented and very fast young man, in his first year with his 450 he is showing excellent results, Matteo scored pole position in qualifying.

At the start of the first race Matteo is surprised by an opponent who overtakes him at the first corner, the young driver of the L30 Racing team only took two laps to study his opponent and take command of the operations and win with a large margin over his pursuers .

The second race saw the red flag after the start due to a fall at the first corner, Matteo did not lose concentration and did the perfect race, starting in front of everyone and a furious pace that allowed him to cross the finish line undisturbed.

Matteo Andreotti increasingly red card as championship leader.


Difficult day for the SM4 boys, since free practice Kevin Vandi and Emanuele Esposito’s feeling with the track wasn’t the best and they struggled right from practice, Vandi got the tenth time and Esposito the sixteenth.

In race 1 Kevin tried to fight but the risk of making a mistake was high so he tried to finish the race in eleventh position, Esposito was forced to retire after a mistake and an off-track exit.

In the second heat Vandi and his technicians made some new adjustments and his performance improved slightly with seventh place.

A couple of weeks’ break then we return to the track for the third round of the S1GP World Championship at the end of the month, again on the Busca track.