Kooiker and van de Poel in the top 15 in Dutch Masters Harfsen

Dex Kooiker and Tyla van de Poel of the De Baets MX team finished in the top fifteen during the first round of the Dutch Masters of Motocross in Harfsen. Van de Poel managed to finish thirteenth in the first moto, just one place ahead of Kooiker. In the second moto, Kooiker finished seventeenth and van de Poel finished nineteenth.

In time practice, both riders struggled. Dex came to a sixteenth time and the riding with Tyla did not go the way he wanted, so after several attempts there was no more than an eighteenth time.

In the first moto, Tyla managed to get a very good start and was able to follow the high pace in the early stages. After that, he suffered from arm pump, which forced him to drop the pace a bit and eventually finished thirteenth. Just one place behind Tyla, Dex finished in fourteenth place. The riding was reasonable but he had a lot of work to do because he had wheelspin by the start.

In the second moto Dex got a better start but he still lacks some race rhythm so he had to settle for seventeenth place. Tyla didn’t get off to a good start and started around twenty-fifth place. Due to a problem with his goggles, he had to pit for a while, but then he came back strong and managed to cross the finish line in nineteenth place.

In the overall classification, Dex finished in sixteenth place and Tyla took eighteenth place. On Monday 1 April, the Dutch Masters of Motocross continues at Oldebroek.



Results Dutch Masters of Motocross 125 Harfsen:

1 Kasimir Hindderson 47 pts

2 Gyan Doensen 43 pts

3 Markuss Ozolins 42 pts

4 Jarne Bervoets 32 pts

5 Dani Heitink 31 pts

16 Dex Kooiker 11 pts

18 Tyla van de Poel 10 pts